Teknik Balans A.Ş. was found in 1978 by Raşit Konuk and Rüştü Haskök in Izmir, and started production activities in a 30 m2 area under the Mess-Matic brand name. Mess-Matic started the production of On-The-Car Wheel Balancers that still produced and delivered in domestic and export market.

Teknik Balans A.Ş. as a necessity of continuous growth, approaching new targets, in 1996 moved to the new 2500 m2 production area in İzmir Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, whereas today continuing its production activities. In the recent years, additionally 600 m2 Teknik Balans Showroom & Training Center is built.

Today, Teknik Balans has two major production lines “Automotive Garage and Service Equipments” and “Industrial Balancing Machines”.

In the late 90’s distribution system is built inside the company and signed the first distributor agreement. Today, domestically we have 5 main distributors, and 50 second-distributors.

After 2000, Teknik Balans A.Ş. started exporting Mess-Matic Garage and Service Equipments. Export activities starting with neighbor countries like Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Emirates are continuing today with around 40 countries all around the world.

The beginning of 2000’s which the first steps of exports started and the production multiplied, has an important role in company history with the distribution agreement signed by the world’s leader companies in “Automotive Garage and Service Equipments” Sector. Since 1999, we are the authorized Turkey distributor of Italian Space Company which is a member of Samira Group. At 2011, with the distribution agreement signed by one of  Snap On Group’s powerful brand John Bean, Teknik Balans became the authorized Turkey Distributor.

In the following years, Teknik Balans A.Ş. didn’t stop with the development in production, import & export, and made the necessary movements to catch the new world’s growing technology speed. With the hard work of our Research & Development department, we are using the highest quality and latest technology in our production. In our Sirion Series Wheel balancers of our automotive production line, we are the first and only company using laser technology since 2014. Teknik Balans A.Ş. is also the first and only heavy vehicle balancing machine manufacturer in Turkey with Mess-Matic Sirion Truck production since 2014. In our Industrial Balancing Machine production line, we are one of main suppliers of global clutch, wheel, shaft, some automobile manufacturers. We are serving our customers as a solution partner with our flexible customer-oriented production.

Teknik Balans A.Ş. is serving its customers from head office in Izmir, and branch offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana. Today, we are a happy big family with 86 members.