Rim Deburring Machines

Messmatic wheel deburring machines are designed for automatic cutting operation of the unwanted pieces on the automotive group wheels after casting operation. They are suitable for serial production. The wheels can be loaded/unloaded manual or automatic by a conveyor system. The wheels are clamped by rotating rollers from outside on 4 points, during the rotation of the wheel, the pneumatic cutter moves towards the wheel for cutting/cleaning of the specified sides of the wheel. The pneumatic cutter is designed not to give any damage the wheel sides.

  • Professional
  • Clamping by rollers from outside of the wheel
  • Pneumatic moving cutter
  • Deburring from 4 different sides


  • Entrance/Exit conveyor system
  • Automatic loading/unloading system / Robot


Technical Information

Technicial Specifications

Main Motor

AC Motor (4 Adet / 4 pieces)

Automatic Loading/Unloading


Maximum Wheel Weight


Wheel Diameter

14” – 20”

Cycle Time

30 sn.

Machine Dimensions

Machine Dimensions
Machine Dimensions