Main Features

  1. 114×64 mm. LCD display, flat screen, with backlight monochrome graphics
  2. Keyboard - Start
  3. Self diagnosis and self calibration programs.
  4. Motorcycle and ALU programs.
  5. ALU-S and ALU-S1 automatic programs.
  6. For dividing the counterweights behind spokes of alloy rims, there is SPLIT (Hidden Weight) program
  7. Automatic wheel distance & diameter measurement
  8. Optimization program for compensating the tire and rim for optimum balancing.
Technical Features
Accuracy 1gr
Measuring time 8 sec
Max.wheel weight 60 kg
Max. rim diameter 24”
Rim width 1,5”-20”
Power supply 230 V., 1 Ph., 50/60 Hz.
Balancing speed 200 rpm