Main Features

  1. 3D graphics with 19” LCD monitor
  2. Auto start works with lowering the wheel guard.
  3. For easy counterweight fitting, footbrake system to ease locking and unlocking wheels on adaptors
  4. Wheel positioning on external side automatically with fine approximation.
  5. Self diagnosis and self calibration programs.
  6. Motorcycle and ALU programs.
  7. ALU-S and ALU-S1 programs - AUTOMATIC
  8. For dividing the counterweights behind spokes of alloy rims, there is SPLIT (Hidden Weight) program
  9. Automatic wheel distance & diameter measurement
  10. Automatic measurement of wheel width.
  11. Optimization program for compensating the tire and rim for optimum balancing.
Technical Features
Accuracy 1gr
Measuring time 6 sec
Max.wheel weight 65kg
Max. rim diameter 24”
Rim width 1,5”-20”
Power supply 230 V., 1 Ph., 50/60 Hz.
Balancing speed 200 rpm